Private Sketchbook Collection

Carrol Boyes has succeeded in transforming the humble plate into bespoke works of art.

Sourcing from her archive of sketchbook drawings she was persuaded to make a select few public by transferring them to the finest quality porcelain dinnerware to grace your dining table. In this way, the Sketchbook ceramic range was born.

“I felt it was time to make these private illustrations public and to bring a graphic element to my range. After all, what could be more unexpectedly fun than to have an expressive face slowly revealed to you as you eat your dinner?”

They say the best products have more than one purpose so if you prefer a more predictable view of these porcelain works of art, arrange them on a wall in a random pattern and create a conversation piece that enhances your home décor.

Celebrate Fair Lady's 50th birthday this month!

Every piece of Carrol Boyes pewter is crafted by hand from 100% lead-free pewter in our Cape Town foundry. Pewter is Carrol's original metal of choice, her trademark metal, and what she became famous for.